School Embraces Immigrant, Family-Owned Insurance Company

The Business Office announced that Washington and Lee has contracted with a local immigrant family’s insurance firm to insure the school’s property and serve as fire protection. The Russos are a proud Sicilian family who recently settled down in Lexington. According to the President, their family’s elevator pitch rivaled that of our own C School students.

“The Russos told me it would be a shame if our school were to mysteriously burn down. Frankly, I couldn’t agree more. They agreed to protect us from such an unfortunate accident for a very reasonable monthly payment.” Dudley said. 

The school has extensive properties to insure, at extensive cost to the student body. With fire alarms going off anytime someone burns popcorn in Woods Creek and a shrine to 19th century arson on back campus, the school has historically had to pay high insurance rates. However, the Russos offered a significant enough discount that President Dudley described their offer as one that “the school couldn’t refuse.”

The Russos may become a more familiar sight around campus, as their entrepreneurial spirit seems to know no bounds. 

“They work in laundry, waste management, financial management, pharmaceuticals – I hope to make many more deals with the Russo family as soon as feasible,” President Dudley said. 

When reached out for comment, Don Russo, CEO replied, “You see, our business is very simple. It’s our business. Forget about it!” 

He also noted that our Radish team could join the Russos on a SCUBA trip to “swim with the fishes” (sic) as a reward for our high quality investigative journalism.