It’s that time of year again. The leaves on our campus have turned from their lush, summer-time green to the orange and red hues that we so deeply appreciate in this scenic area of America. Men from all corners of campus are gathering this Sunday to give thanks for both the glory of Appalachia and each other. The hill behind windfall, known for its captivating views of the Rockbridge sunsets and the ample space for furniture-fed bonfires, will be home to W&L’s first annual Bros-giving.

            I was not invited because I am a woman and simply could never understand, but I caught wind of this event while in Ladles & Linens recently, where I overheard the shop-owner inquiring with her supplier about how quickly they could get “manly shit” into the store. Sure enough, as quickly as the leather tablecloths and camo napkins hit the shelves, they were gone—purchased by some eager W&L men who want to make this event as inclusive and comfortable as possible.

            Speaking with a representative of the event, I began to unravel the inspiration and purpose behind the occasion. “I just don’t think men are appreciated enough on this campus, and, furthermore, I don’t think I tell my boys enough how much I cherish the time I spend with them here. […] I tried to get it out at a couple of postgames but couldn’t muster up the words without a tear or two coming to my eye.” Biff Defratly III explained to me that he hasn’t found any outlets for his emotions that are both masculine and non-violent until party planning (he’s trying to get party manning to catch on, but I don’t know about that one). This event leading up to Thanksgiving is the first gathering he will be organizing for the men of W&L, and he’s super stoked.

            In an attempt to encourage better intra-IFC relations and the council’s relationship with the rest of the school, the event is open to all male-identifying members of the W&L community. Expect lots of shotgun toasts about brotherhood, healthy discussion of the stock market, and plenty of sunset pics. Rumor has it Pole 7 is supplying the busch light, the members of Sigma Psi are covering the reds, the men of Woods Creek West are hunting down the turkey, and Downside is using their oven for the first time since 2010 to cook said turkey. That being said, I heard through the grapevine that Mr. Defratly has Frank’s on speed dial in case some of those components fall through—my money is on the pumpkin pie which is allegedly being supplied by the Cadavers…

CS ’22