Groundbreaking Breitbart exposé sheds new light on W&L’s long history of systemic oppression against rich, white Republicans.

Apparently, the decision to name the school after Confederate General Robert E. Lee was just a cover the whole time. Typical dirty, leftist trick. But thanks to a select number of courageous students, those meddling liberals have been foiled again. Skeptical? Then answer this: If the College Republicans are silenced, who else will represent the conservative viewpoint at this deeply woke, socialist institution?

According to the Pulitzer-nominated Breitbart piece, the W&L College Republicans “embodied true bravery” when they violated clear, state mandated university policy to pass out those Glen Youngkin flyers on campus, using their university backing of course. And even though those young patriots were suppressed, somehow Youngkin still won! Can’t keep a good white man down!

The Breitbart article goes on to say, “Who else would have had the courage to speak out under such conditions?” W&L College Republican Spokesman Jillilooo Mcgillicuddy was even able to disprove white privilege when she was invited on a nationally aired news program within hours after the incident to talk about how the university sanction hurt her feelings. Apparently, a story about a genocide in a small central African country was even bumped by Fox News in order to feature that segment. That’s how you know how important this issue is.

Forget the troops, I know who the real heroes are. And I think I can speak on behalf of the entire Radish staff when I say, Godspeed, College Republicans! Godspeed!