Wedding Announcement

The Radish is pleased to announce the recent marriage of Holden Henry Rhodes IV ‘16 and Mary Spencer Hastings ‘17. The couple was married in Lee Chapel on April 20, 2021. The Radish recently had the opportunity to sit down with the newlywed Mrs. Rhodes and discuss the couple’s W&L romance.

“Well, it’s kind of crazy actually, like, I always knew that he was the one for me, but it just took a little bit of time before he realized it, too. We met my freshmen year during O-week, and I swear it was love at first sight. He was way too close to the party to be peeing in public, but he was doing it anyway, and, of course, I always saw myself with a rebel. We kissed that night and he asked me what sororities I was looking at! He obviously really cared about how I was fitting in socially at W&L; it was so sweet. We, um, actually didn’t speak for the rest of first semester, but when I became a Zeta, we DFM’d on Tear Night. It was, like, so totally romantic. He actually made out with my roommate that night, too, but she assured me that it was just so he could get to know my friends better. We hooked up for the next two years—he said that was the best way to do it because there isn’t all of the drama that’s associated with being in a relationship and he could hang out with his brothers, and I totally agree, like, he really just knew what was best for me. I’m really especially excited to tell our kids about our first formal together; he actually blacked out and peed in my bed, and we didn’t speak for about a month, but one time he drunkenly said he was sorry and that it was my fault for being such a bitch, and the whole situation was really funny. His friends actually still don’t talk to me because of that night because he told them that I was being too clingy. Haha! We became official right before Christmas weekend in 2015, and my second semester of Junior year was a dream. He even took me out to dinner once. He didn’t pay for me, but, like, I think it’s because he’s deep down a feminist. He graduated then and told me that we should break up, but I was just so in love with him that I waited until I graduated and moved to New York to be with him again. Holden had a new girlfriend at the time, but I figured they would break up soon enough—you know he’s never been one for commitment. As it turns out though, he was working at my father’s office, and that was a big part of the reason we got back together. I am so excited for the rest of our life together, and I hope that every girl at W&L finds the love of her life there like I did.”

Holden Rhodes was unavailable for comment.

CS ’22