6 Trendy Costumes this Spooky Season

  1. A COVID nose swab

What’s scarier than a cutip being shoved all the way up your nostril? And it gets to decide if you get kicked off campus? Spooky! For extra flair, consider soaking your outfit in mucus-colored slime.

2. The current campus environment

It’s getting scary out there, folks. Don’t let the girl hiding in the bushes with her camera see you without a matching green mask for this outfit.

3. W&L’s counseling services during a mental health crisis

What counseling services?

4. What your teacher thinks you look like.

For this fun DIY look, just paint a bigass piece of cardboard black and duct tape it onto your body until your features are entirely obscured! *Pants optional*

5. Sexy RBG

There’s nothing hotter than justice.

6. Mike Pence’s wet dream

Need I say more?

CB ’23