Inside “Operation Snitch Bitch”

In the wake of the administration’s decision to force eight students to leave campus without Honor Violation trials, the EC President has decided to declassify W&L documents containing sensitive information that reveal a successful sting operation run by W&L’s Public Safety Division.

The document entitled “Operation Snitch Bitch” revealed a plan implemented by the Public Safety Office in collaboration with Dean Simpson and Sidney Evans, in which officers hired student informants in Freshman dorms, the Creek Apartments, all Greek housing, theme houses, and the third-year village to supply campus authorities information regarding potential COVID violations using any means necessary (particularly “snitchy” and/or “bitchy” seniors have volunteered for the program without pay). Public Safety has encouraged students to snitch by: hiding in the bushes near outdoor gatherings to collect photo evidence, screen record private Instagram/Snapchat stories, follow cars with three plus people to their destination to ensure that they do not arrive to a location with more than three people, and even tell professors when they believe students were taking their masks off in academic buildings for more than “quick sips and quick bites of snacks.”

One student who was approached by Public Safety to inform on their peers wanted to go on record saying that Special Investigator Watts guaranteed that any student who provided valuable information to the Pub Safety Office would absolutely receive an award at the LEAD Banquet for demonstrating such commitment to their peers and community.

The three most successful busts stemming from Operation Snitch Bitch so far have been: eight students being exposed for gathering at a home post-dinner party and enjoying each other’s company for a moment without their masks, seven guys getting caught red-handed sitting on their porch day-drinking as multiple cars full of friends waved from the road, and a collection of sorority women being busted for having wine time while watching the sunset at the back campus gazebo. The Radish joins the W&L community in thanking the informants for their service.

RK ’21