W&L to Increase Number of Double Majors by Introducing the Mrs. Degree

The administration has announced that it will be endeavoring to increase the number of double majors by introducing formal course work for the once-informal tradition of earning the MRS degree.
The following classes are now available to register for during the 2020 Winter Term:
SOAN-169: Love in Academia
This course focuses on the research of finding an ideal partner specifically within the W&L environment. With a detailed focus on the importance of maintaining both a high social and financial status, students will hone their skills in Goose Hunting (where students search for potential partners who own either a Canada Goose Jacket or Golden Goose Shoes) and Name-Matching (where students look at plaques around campus to find current students whose names match. Classic starting points for this research are the names located on the soccer field, the pavilion by the law school, and the list of donors to the CGL).
PSYC-166: The Science of Dating and Flirting
This course provides students the opportunity to study the science behind the developing minds of college age students. This course examines effective methods of flirtation and the do’s and don’ts of dating.
Psyc-263: Escaping the Friendzone
This course dives deeper into the study of the young adult mind in hopes to provide answers as to how the friendzone is developed, how to avoid the friendzone, and how to escape the friendzone, if necessary.
THTR-420: Playing the Wifey
Focusing on the art of manipulating one’s image and portraying the ideal version of one’s self to the audience, students learn how to mask their own crazy and fool everyone around them into believing that they are “take home to the parents” material. This course primarily focuses on method acting techniques. Theatre 100 req. Or instructor consent must be granted before this course is taken.
LEGL-361: Legal Studies of Marital Finances
This course is designed to prepare students to face the financial issues associated with marriage. Looking at how to deal with prenuptial agreements and how best to capitalize on your partner’s trust fund, students will gain knowledge about how to transform their financial situation through marriage.
*Please note that the MRS Degree is not to be confused with the MRST, Medieval Renaissance Studies Degree
— Runa King ’21