Tips to Ease the Stress of Registration!

Registration is a stressful time for many students here. There are dozens of things to consider. What classes do you need to graduate? Is that professor a hard grader? Can you furtively text on your computer, or do they require notebooks? Why does Self Service have so many buttons? Take a deep breath and read on for tips on how to deal with registration week and walk away with a schedule to be excited about!

  1. Add a dozen extra classes onto your schedule layout, only to delete them in a panic five minutes before you have to register for them. The more cluttered, the better!
  2. If you don’t get your pick one, just go to bed. Like, fuck it, there will be a spot for you somewhere, and you just gotta get up early the next morning anyway.
  3. Speaking of the next morning, ensure you wake up energized by setting your alarm five minutes before registration time. That jolt of panic will get you right up!
  4. Send a barrage of messages asking about various professors, classes, and credits to as many of your GroupMes and group texts as possible. Your friends love nothing more than some hearty discussion of everyone else’s registration woes!
  5. If you are still feeling stressed, make good on that threat to throw your computer off of Cadaver Bridge. You are always saying you need to get unplugged, and now’s your chance!