Ill-timed Cadaver Bridge Greeting Gone Awry

Early reports are flooding in from Cadaver Bridge this morning as yet another student has fallen victim to a poorly timed attempt at greeting a casual acquaintance as they passed by. An eye witness says that sophomore Bill Williams saw a friend from that one class in the distance. Williams decided to say hello, as they had made light conversation about their shared class while out last weekend.
“We’ve all been there,” the witness said, “where you see someone and you definitely know who they are, but you’re not sure if they remember who you are? But then you think hey, I don’t want to be rude, I’ll just give a little smile, say hey. But then they don’t even see you!”
Williams made his grave error by making and maintaining eye contact several times before the appropriate window for greeting began. This made both Williams and the acquaintance think too much before the window for greeting, causing Williams to mumble a “what’s up?” while the acquaintance was not even looking in his direction.
To prevent future incidents, it is suggested that one just pretend to be extremely busy on ones’ phone if approaching an uncertain greeting situation.