November 6-10 is W&L Registration Week! As you know, all W&L students must complete four (4) credits of Physical Education. Luckily, the University offers plenty of options!

How many of these have you taken?

  • PE-164: Basketball
  • PE-151: Golf
  • PE-165: Brisk Treadmill Ambling
  • PE-159: Badminton
  • PE-128(A) : Getting Your Ass Kicked in Squash
  • PE-111-1: Anaerobic Swimming
  • PE-101: Swimming for Dipshits
  • FRAT-225: UnRythmic Dance
  • HLTH-299: Pretending to Enjoy Blue Phoenix
  • PE-120 : Restorative Rest
  • PE-128(B): Kicking Someone’s Ass in Squash
  • PE-280: Attending a Single Student Athletic Event
  • PE-164: Basketball
  • SR-223: Making it past the Pregame
  • FY-123: Extended Orientating
  • RUF-3-16: Cross Fit
  • SNIF-224: Synchronized Snorting
  • HIST-180: Streaking the Colonnade
  • TR-134: Running to Coop during that 3-minute Break
  • FY-102: 4th Floor Move-in
  • SRAT-275: Intermediate Shit-Talking
  • COMS-350 : The Stairs to Career Development
  • TRAV-200: Walking Home
  • COOP-280: Pretending to Like Kombucha
  • SPCT8R-102: Stretching the Truth
  • PE-155: Weight Training

–Bailey Brilley ’18