The Ring-tum Phi, citing a tough semester, to study abroad Winter Term

MADRID, SPAIN — Having been beaten to the story, once again, by the University calendar, W&L’s favorite monthly newsletter finally decided to get out of the “rat-race” of Lexington for a bit to instead experience a different culture. A journalism major with a minor in English, the Phi, although visibly low on cash, was kind enough to buy this reporter a cup of coffee and some tapas.

“I’ve had an awesome time in college, but I’m starting to get a little worried about what I’m going to do after graduation,” the Phi said, noting it was too late to pick up a double major in business or something. “I’ve been struggling a bit socially, in the sense that no one really seems to notice me on campus — taking a few weeks just to focus on myself has been exactly what I’ve needed.”

The change of pace, it seems, has been a success — enrolled in the equivalent of three W&L credits at a Spanish university, the Phi has reportedly had time to gain fluency with the language (despite conversing with passerby almost solely in English), post a few dozen Facebook albums of its travels, and even add a few more dozen words to its website.

Despite daily phone calls to mom over the course of the experience, the Phi has, upon returning to campus, since insisted that everyone MUST go abroad to “really appreciate” what we’ve got in Virginia. “I grew so much as a person during my time away,” the Phi uses as a preface to both professors and half-listening friends. “But, to answer your question…”

—Ford Carson ’18