Elevator, common rooms not masking Graham-Lees’ shit AC, though productivity on the rise

While O-Week served as a promising start to the year, Graham-Lees residents continue to cook after a steamy mid-September heat wave — following two weeks of introductory classes, too, the heat has been really getting to students’ heads.

“You feel like you’re ascending into hell, not descending” a fourth-floor resident said, drenched in sweat, while getting in their daily calf workout on the stairs.

Common rooms, too, are no escape from the desert. Walmart fans dragged in by sweaty freshmen are the only reprieve to the oppressive heat, though the quickened movement of warm air falls well short of meeting the goal at hand. With nowhere to play Wii or watch football in comfort, many first years have had to resort to less jump-off-the-couch forms of entertainment such as studying doing laundry.

Along with this recent wave of alternative recreation, the productivity of many first-years has spiked to an all time high. The aroma of three week old sweaty gym clothes has disappeared from the halls as many residents flock to the laundry room’s arctic temperatures, if not to actually launder their garb, then to at least appreciate the smell of those who do.

With outside temperatures forecasted to drop next week, the University has decided to keep these warm indoor temperatures around after seeing the true benefit to students.

—Spencer Katterhagen ‘21