New study reveals 91% of Outing Club hike spent soaking in, photographing hilltop view

TINKER CANYON ROCK HOUSE HILL MOUNTAIN SOUTH (THE HARDEST APP ADVENTURE HIKE OFFERED, OF COURSE) —  Taking a well-deserved sip of his Nalgene at the cliff’s edge, Tim Maynard, ’20, again thanked God that his Outing Club application, against all odds in a pool of hundreds, had been accepted. Having left Lexington at 3:30 a.m. to catch this particularly unique sunrise, Maynard, ankle tattoo and all, explained that he couldn’t picture life without his water bottle, laptop, and Jeep sticker.

“Aw man, what a beautiful day to get out here and just, you know, disconnect from the grid,” he noted for the first time, he guessed, in hiking history. “The climb sure was a tough one but this view — aw man, it’s just beautiful up here — was so, so worth it.”

A geology major, Maynard enjoys key perks like calling professors by their first names, whipping out the timeless “I get to have lab out here?!?“, and studying in the science library alongside students majoring in hard sciences. In other classrooms, Maynard can be found scoping out Eno-worthy trees out the window, discussing last week’s campout, and, of course, floating the idea of having today’s lecture outside. Also an avid RUF-er, he asks that you expect him 5-10 minutes late — hipster coffee mug in hand, mind you — on account of his unmatched campus involvement.

Ignoring the bulk of this interviewer’s final questions, Maynard closed the session by noting that “we’ve got a lot of great guys and gals here, it’s a great group.”

—Ford Carson ’18