Spring-optioning senior armed with three-item bucket list, Busch Light

On the heels of an FDR-heavy winter term and a sedentary spring break, senior Jim Morrison righteously plunged into a third Donny T’s margarita in lieu of a conclusory pass/fail W&L class. “I’ve earned this,” he whispered to himself, figuring he’d give the family credit card a few more swipes before digging into his “soon-to-be-a-job, of course” summer internship.

In a post-hoc justification to mom and dad about his choice to spring option, Morrison cited the Maury, Goshen Pass, Foamhenge, and the Maury as things he’d be sure to check out with his newfound surplus of free time. Strategically utilizing the fact that “all” his friends would be spring optioning, too, Morrison had the stage set for an incredibly eventful few weeks.

-Ford Carson ’18