First student stakes position in computer lab for fall registration

Small tent communities are beginning to take over all available space outside of Leyburn, Huntley, and the Science center as students prepare for course registration, the event that could mean life, death, or worse- a crappy spring term schedule.

The most dedicated few, who have been staked out since early this week to secure the critical 0.1 second advantage of a desktop, have braved sub-zero outdoor temperatures, strong winds, and passive-aggressive emails from professors about their recurring absences from class. One of them, sophomore Troy Diamond, who has nominated himself mayor of the Huntley location, submitted this statement to the Radish:

“I actually need to graduate on time. I can’t keep taking classes like Wild Dingos of the Southwest when I need to be in Business Law to finish my major.”

Best of luck to you, Troy, and to all of you other tenters out there. Stay strong.
-Maddie Schaffer ‘18