Area recruiter wants interview to be more of a conversation

Insisting on being called “Jenny,” Deutsche Bank’s own hip, young, 20-something campus recruiter Genevieve Moranne reportedly won the trust of Brody MacIsaacson, ’17, in a matter of seconds.

In an excited phone call to his mom directly following the interview, MacIsaacson gushed about Moranne’s “laid back” nature, mentioning that she even went so far as to joke about the “craziness” of midterm season. As if she, too, had once been in college, MacIsaacson remarked, Moranne cut out all the formalities of a typical interview and expressed her intention to strike a more casual tone.

Moranne, a former communications major currently employed in a temporary capacity at DB, briefly touched on the minor difficulty associated with landing a position after graduation. Her patience certainly did not go unrewarded, though.

“Blasting through an 8-slide PowerPoint with all the words memorized is definitely the most rewarding part of the job, for sure,” Moranne said. “The Holiday Inn’s complimentary waffles are also a huge perk, along with all this free company swag I get to pass out! Haha!”

As it happens, MacIsaacson’s eloquent performance during the interview turned out to be THE deciding factor in DB’s tough decision to grant him employment for the following fall.

Oh, and his dad works there, too.

At any rate, good work, Brody.

-Ford Carson ’18