Report: 45% of class time spent piggy-backing off of Deirdre’s point

Eager to show off her freshly acquired knowledge from the previous night’s reading, Freshman Deirdre Hoffman kicked off an insightful discussion in her Sociology 124 seminar this past week.

“I just really felt that, like, the point the author made on page 2 really emphasized the point she made in her thesis, and that just, like, stood out to me. It was really interesting.”

Recognizing that a request for comments on homework reading usually resulted in a 2-4 minute period of complete silence, Prof. John Thomson was happy to entertain the commentary despite its obvious lack of substance, meaning, or semblance of insight. To Thomson’s shock, Sophomore Clay Jackson raised his hand to follow.

“Piggy-backing off of that, I just wanted to say that I also found that point really interesting. He did a really good job explaining why he felt this way,” clearly ignoring that the author was, in fact, female.

Additionally, the class heard from a previously unseen Senior Robby North, who, despite not looking at the reading before class, pointed out a graph on page 21 to prove he had obviously read the essay in its entirety. Shocked at the sheer volume of contributions, Prof. Thomson applauded the students and invited the class to walk 15 minutes across campus to continue the productive discussion on the Colonnade.

-Cody Solomon ‘17