EC candidate lands standup comedy tour following pun-based slogan

Students across the community congratulated EC candidate James Reidt yesterday – not for his win in the polls (which he lost in a landslide), but his comedic brilliance.

Reidt, whose campaign slogan read “MAKE THE REIDT CHOICE,” reportedly made nine friends in DHall by introducing himself to those who complimented his willingness to spend $35 on printing paper.

Reidt received such commemoration that word spread to the ears of John Derp, a local talent agent. Derp, who previously only dreamed of such talent, requested that Reidt join two Rockbridge High student council candidates on a twelve-stop standup comedy tour, “Eyes on the Prize.” Aside from Lexington, the tour will reportedly also include stops in Detroit, Oakland, and Buena Vista during March 2017.

“I’m really excited to get started! I think I’ve got some good material to work with. I’m sure my chemistry major will help me generate some good reactions,” Reidt stated with a wink as he continued to browse to find inspiration for his upcoming act.

-Chris Baumgarten ‘19