Zing! Area single woman makes wine joke on Valentine’s Day

LEXINGTON – “In love with my date,” Bethany Robertson’s third-to-last SnapStory video said just hours ago, picturing a half-consumed glass of wine and what appeared to be a few Dove dark chocolate candy wrappers in the background. With some Napa Thai chicken fried rice on the way and a Netflix series finally picked out, Robertson double-checked with her friends that this seven-dollar bottle of Barefoot moscato was, in fact, what she would rather be doing right now. Hint: it totally was.

Robertson, an engaged student of HuffPost, The Odyssey, Buzzfeed, and Doug the Pug, has, to the delight of the surrounding Facebook community, reportedly tagged her close circle of friends in 487 memes this week alone. Time to get working on a few more!