Professor who just made a “Wednesday night” reference clearly still got it

Students of an introductory chemistry class were taken aback during their Thursday morning lecture when Professor Rich Lewis alluded to the previous night’s festivities.

Sources say that after a clear lack of participation from the obviously hungover class, Lewis jokingly asked “Rough night out in the country last night?” The question intended to break the ice was reportedly met with silence, followed by a few uncomfortable chuckles, half-hearted grimaces, and tentative sips from water bottles.

“No one really knew what to do,” said sophomore Todd Foster “I just sort of looked down at my desk until he moved on”.

“I had no idea professors knew about this kind of stuff,” freshman Lindsey Brooks claimed while donning an oversized t-shirt and sunglasses, “It was as if he actually knew I went out last night.”

According the sources from the Radish, the students remained mostly silent and avoided eye contact for the remainder of the 8 a.m. lecture.

“I know what goes on these days,” said Professor Lewis in an interview. “I’m hip. I’m relevant.”

-Hannah Dewing ’19