Dining Services and Bookstore to merge in effort to more efficiently overcharge students

W&L’s Dining Services and Bookstore merged on Thursday following weeks of rumors and speculation, citing a shared passion for overcharging students for necessities. Soon, the new “Student Services” department will offer a ‘used’ option on Co-op’s famous loaded fries, where the customer can save a full seven cents by using a dish previously picked at drunkenly by someone else. Students will also be mandated to shift to a ‘book plan,’ where textbooks will be sold in a bulk, 15-at-a-time package rather than an individual, as-needed basis. Additionally, all students must purchase 50 ‘text flex dollars,’ and sorority women must purchase 250 ‘book flex dollars’ that may only be spent on certain text books at a time of the day deemed fit by Student Services. Neither of which, of course, rolls over into the next semester.

A possible merger of university printing and laundry services has been mentioned as a next step for further consolidation. When asked for comment on the changes a university official reminded The Radish that condoms will remain free. –Caroline Bones ’18