Local student tries in vain to be topical enough for new W&L satirical website

After seeing a few incredibly relatable, definitely not forced articles being shared on Facebook from W&L’s up-and-coming news source, local student Jimmy Gibson has reportedly spent hours staring at a blank Word document. “I really want to be a part of something so worldwide and special,” remarked Gibson about his fight to be featured on the site, “but mostly I’m really excited about creating false names, complaining to strangers about my daily slight inconveniences, and sharing my own writing with a witty self-written plug.” Headlines he has considered submitting include: “What’s the deal with Dhall food?”, “Bean boots are the newest fall fad, again,” and “INTR, lmao, amirite!” An anonymous source has hinted that Jimmy’s email submissions have been marked as clutter. –Emily Austin ‘18