Odyssey Online today, WSJ tomorrow – student sets sights high after listicle gets 5 shares on Facebook

Determined to make a real, meaningful splash in college, Ashley signed up to write Odyssey Online articles to distance herself from the crowd.

After a couple of weeks of brainstorming and research, pulling mainly from Buzzfeed articles but also consulting @CommonWhiteGirlTweets, Ashley came up with the groundbreaking idea to do a listicle on the Odyssey. With WRIT100 under her belt, rave reviews from close friends, and opinions that deserved to be heard, why not, she figured, give it a shot?

Ashley finally “published”: 7 Reasons Why 8am’s Suck. She looked at her article, amazed that she could come up with something that genius.

Less than two weeks after posting, Ashley realized that her article had exploded into an online sensation, garnering five shares on Facebook. It didn’t matter that two of them were from her mother and grandmother, she was so over the moon she was beyond the point of caring.

Realizing she may have a talent for journalism after this great success, Ashley immediately dropped her Accounting Major, bought a pack of clove cigarettes and Doc Martens, and transferred to UCBerkley. Word on the street is that Ashley plans on applying for the Wall Street Journal—her portfolio expands beyond the Odyssey Online to include her Tumblr blog (pale grunge aesthetic only) and her soon-to-be-obsolete Vine account. –Lex Jordan ‘19