New Traveller route to run between Graham-Lees and Leyburn following student complaints

To a lukewarm Board of Trustees, W&L’s President calmly explained the advantages of the expensive move, clearly hoping to add the cherry on top of his impressive legacy. Although currently a little unsure of the logistics, the President deemed it “very important” to accommodate W&L’s ever-changing population in this way.

“It’s about damn time – I honestly have too much going on to waste seconds walking,” said Martha Winconi, who continued to complain for several minutes after the conclusion of the interview. Winconi, who has reportedly missed several meals already this year due to the 200-yard trek, hopes the expansive W&L campus will now prove to be less of a beast.

The new Traveller line, which will reportedly have stops at Reid Hall and the F’real milkshake section of co-op, is set to open in January.

–Chris Baumgarten ‘19