Area freshman really starting to notice those gains after some stoic self-reflection in the locker room

Chauncey Pummlesworth IV has made a renewed commitment to his physical fitness. For the last two weeks, the former all-County tennis, golf, and squash star has “really been getting after it” in the Fitness Center, challenging his body with a voluminous, low-eight, high-rep routine. Starting towards the back at a squat rack, Pummlesworth curls through a variety of methods over fifteen sets.

His favorite? “Definitely the 21s. You get such a good pump from those.”

Pummlesworth is not concerned his volume-heavy routine takes away from other gym-goers. “Look, W&L students get it: I respect their space and they respect mine. The squat racks are simply the best spot to curl – you just have so much open pace.”

Though he’s noticed some pretty striking results – especially like five minutes afterwards when he’s chugging his second Blender Bottle® of whey in front of the locker room mirror – he has also considered incorporating other upper-body exercises, particularly on the Smith Machine. “It’s definitely the most versatile station in the gym,” Pummlesworth commented. “You’ve just got to remember to use clamps on that thing though – people never remember that.”

At press, Pummlesworth was really mulling over the purchase of an XS Gennies penny from the bookstore. “Why not right?” –Conor Habiger ‘19