Student admitted to elite liberal arts university unable to discern between “Reply,” “Reply-All”

Remarking that he was unclear about the nature of the two options appearing above each of his e-mails, First-Year W&L Student Jason Pitts, originally recruited for his exceptional leadership experience and demonstrated intellectual prowess, admitted his inability to discern between “Reply” and “Reply All.” “At first, I was just using the ‘Reply’ button when I got messages,” said Pitts, “but then I started worrying that people were missing my responses, so I started hitting ‘Reply All;’ you know, as in, ‘Reply with All that Stuff I Just Typed.’ These days, I’m working with a mix of the two.” Pitts, 19, added that although his selection between “Reply” and “Reply All” is usually arbitrary, he strongly prefers “Reply All” when explaining his absence from a class or group meeting. At the time of this writing, Pitts was preparing to register for a Winter-Term section of INTR-201, a class he failed this semester after the first exam on Outlook. -Bailey Brilley ’18