Mother of hometown acquaintance utilizes 4 incorrect variations of W&L’s name

Asking first “how things were going at William and Lee,” Cincinnati mother Deidra Taylor, 47, managed to create and employ a total of four incorrect versions of W&L’s name in one conversation, sources confirmed Friday. First-year W&L student Bryan Sapenski, who attended high school with Taylor’s son, was visiting home for Reading Days when he encountered Taylor in the checkout lane of Whole Foods. It was in their two-minute conversation, Sapenski reports, that a once-corrected Taylor then referred to “Wash U” before finally nailing down “W&L” after an additional two tries. “I kind of ignored it at first,” Sapenski remarked, “but by the end, she was referencing places that I’m pretty sure don’t even exist.” By the end of the conversation, Taylor instead preferred to nod approvingly with widened eyes and a forced grin, adding that her son should soon visit Sapenski “out there in D.C.” -Bailey Brilley ’18