Report: 85% of fraternity men “excited to see you out tonight,” “wondering where you’re from again”

In highlights of the organization’s annual survey of undergraduate men participating in Greek Life, W&L’s Interfraternity Council reported 85% of respondents were both “excited to see you out tonight” and “wondering where you’re from again”. The survey report, posted to the IFC’s student government page on Friday, added that 67% of the Greek community indicated “high interest” in knowing if you had met Brad Jimmies, a junior from your hometown. Paul Johnson, a spokesman for the IFC, confirmed that while 59% of fraternity members were wondering  where you were living this year, only 0.1% were genuinely curious about your stress levels in light of your four essay-based midterms. Johnson warned that survey results may be slightly skewed—33% of respondents did not complete the evaluation as they were “heading back to the bar,” but “hoping to see you around again” and  “very happy” to have met your date. -Bailey Brilley ’18