Breaking the silence: student participates in discussion no one did reading for

Sitting in stunned silence, 20 students nervously looked around this morning when Professor Smirt asked the first question about last night’s reading. Given only a quarter of the class had even purchased the assigned text, everyone reportedly shifted uncomfortably in their seats for an excruciating 30 seconds before 19-year-old Teague Martin heroically broke the silence.

An on site source for The Radish claims events transpired as follows:

8:15:12 – The question was posed

8:15:16 – A student in the back row cleared his throat

8:15:24 – A sniff was heard, origin unknown

8:15:30 – The Professor tries again, “Anyone? I know you guys did the reading. Where in the chapter was it?”

8:15:35 – A student unzips her backpack, takes out her book, begins aimlessly flipping through the pages

8:15:42 – Martin raises his hand

“I was scared. We all were,” Martin shuddered. “But I just couldn’t take it!”

While the answer Martin gave was blatantly wrong, it did lead the professor off on such a tangent that no other questions were posed to the already shaken students.

-Daisy Kelly