Pre-O Leader Really Cool and Relatable

Daniel Starr, Class of 2025, was found to be hip, relatable and cool when leading his Volunteer Venture trip to Washington State during Pre-Orientation, now termed “Leading Edge” for some reason. 

“I know the froshies were scared when we were on the bus to the place, but I yelled ‘noice’ every time we passed a mile marker 69, so I really helped people get their guards down and open up to the group,” stated Starr when asked about his leadership philosophy. 

Once the trip arrived in the Seattle area, Daniel wasted no time telling his incoming freshmen how lame icebreakers were but how the dean said he had to do them anyway. He made sure to include topics like Roblox, Among Us, and Minecraft in discussion to show first years that he was on their level. 

While other trip leaders may have seemed uncool or out of touch, Daniel insists he is the opposite of those things. In fact, Daniel offered a sip of alcohol to his trip participants despite the fact they are under the age of 21, and drove them to the Quad to wait for Trav to take them to Windfall.

“You know, other guys might, like, get annoyed at small things… EMILY – SHUT THE FUCK UP! I’M ON THE PHONE! WE’RE ALMOST BACK! First years – am I right?”