October 1 Update for Fall Term

To: W&L Undergraduate Students

From: Sidney Evans, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Below is this week’s update on the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please remember to check the COVID-19 Resources website for the latest campus messages, resources, and FAQs that are being updated regularly, and to submit your questions to covid19@wlu.edu.

Reminder – COVID-19 Restrictions

The following COVID-19 restrictions remain in place until further notice:

· Physical distancing of at least six feet is required at all times, in all locations, indoors and out. For visual reference, think about 6 feet as about 6 inches taller than the average W&L male student who claims to be 6ft.

· Face coverings are required at all gatherings, at all times, especially if you are already flagrantly breaking gathering size restrictions.

· No indoor gatherings, on or off campus, of more than 6 people. If indoors, breathing is highly discouraged.

· No outdoor gatherings, on or off campus, of more than 25 people. Due to their lack of hand-washing, freshman boys count as 3 people in all situations and should be avoided at all costs.

· No visitors other than current W&L students in residences, including residential halls, townhouses, apartments, Greek houses, and off-campus housing, unless your parents donate more than $10,000 to the university yearly.

You should treat every person as if they have COVID-19, and act accordingly by taking the necessary precautions.

If you are experiencing any symptoms that might be COVID-19 related, stay home, stay away from other people in shared residence spaces, and call the Student Health Center (SHC) immediately. The SHC has the ability to do rapid result testing for students experiencing symptoms and can provide salt, generic brand painkillers, flu-shots, and a full array of STD testing.

Clarification – Personal Travel

All non-essential personal travel outside of the Lexington/Rockbridge area is strongly discouraged at this time. To clarify, bars are considered non-essential. Students are encouraged to hold their friends accountable by anonymously reporting any infractions to higher authorities such as public safety, class deans, or gossip accounts on instagram.

Students should not travel if they cannot adequately self-quarantine upon return to Lexington since the university’s quarantine rooms are reserved solely for students with known COVID-19 case exposures/contacts. Depending on the severity of parent’s demands, students might be quarantined at The Georges, the Motel 6, or in a tent rented from the Outing Club barn.

Reminder – Ongoing Testing

Testing for COVID-19 is continuing in a number of ways, on and off campus, to help maintain the safety of the W&L community and the surrounding Lexington/Rockbridge area. Ongoing testing includes:

Diagnostic/Symptomatic Testing:

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Asymptomatic Contact Testing:

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Surveillance Testing:

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If you are selected for surveillance testing, you will receive an email from covid19testing@wlu.edu with instructions for scheduling your test.

The health environment and our ability to remain on campus for the full term is tenuous and subject to change at a moment’s notice. Remember, teamwork makes the dreamwork, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nice guys finish last.

AB ’22