Creatively exhausted Instagram captioner settles on “look at me”

“There,” Catherine Longmire, ’20, sighed as she posted her unrecognizably edited picture and its accompanying caption. Having passed on “~insert funny caption here~,” “life’s a beach,” and some splicing of country music lyrics, Longmire would still monitor the post like a hawk (and take it down the moment its momentum of likes slowed down), but, for some reason, her heart just wasn’t in it this time.

“I’d still like to demonstrate to my friends how much fun I’m having,” a forlorn Longmire admitted, “but it seems I’ve run out of puns.”

Still planning to text her inner circle of friends to go like the picture immediately, Longmire made the sad realization that her next few posts would probably be birthday wishes to other people.

-Ford Carson ’18