Member of golf team bemoans lack of leisure time

LEXINGTON – Concluding the day’s workout with a final set of stress ball squeezes, W&L golf star Jared Limmon wiped the perspiration from his brow, threw a damp towel over his neck, and gave his burning forearms a well-deserved rest. No one said that playing a Division III varsity sport was going to be easy.

“That’s nothing,” a red-faced Limmon said with a puffed chest and a tough grin: “Preseason two-a-days on the putting green just about killed me back in January.” Having fully recovered from last season’s tight hamstring, which was brought on by the steep walkway leading to the 16th hole, Limmon has roared back with an impressive junior year campaign.

The team’s self-proclaimed emotional leader, he takes it upon himself to set an example for some of the younger players on and off the driving range. Limmon, always first in the golf cart and the last to leave, understands that he is representing the entire student body every time he slips on his W&L sweater vest.

Between golf, re-doing high-fives that weren’t crisp the first time around, and pronouncing “Target” as “Tar-jay,” it’s a wonder how any of these athletes can also make time for school and social obligations. Play on.

-Ford Carson ‘18